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Welcome to Trace Offers. Please read the terms and conditions herein before proceeding with use of the site. Use of site is subject to unconditional acceptance of all terms. If you do not agree please leave. The terms herein apply to traceoffers.com and the website owners. Terms may be read along with other service agreements and privacy policy.

Only users 18 years of age or older may use this site. Minors may use it but with assistance of legal guardian or parent in which case both unconditionally accept terms.

Users who are not registered may have limited access to site and may not be able to download software or initiate transactions but regardless they must comply with terms, privacy policy and other agreements.


We care about privacy and confidentiality of your data and have taken full measures to safeguard data.

Content ownership

All contents of this site are intellectual property of website owners and protected by national and internal laws. You may not copy, modify, download, print or make use of any content in part or full without our express permission and that too only for personal use.

Use of website

You may use this website only for personal use and not for commercial use. You may not use the site for any unlawful activities that will interfere with our operations or use of the site by other users. You will not attempt to reverse engineer, hack, and introduce trojans or malware into the site. Users may not attempt to use iframe, robots, scraper, crawler or any other methods to access site with intent to copy, extract content, aggregate data, display, publishing or distribution of any content. Users may not upload any content that harms our site and affects its operation and use by others.

Registration and security

Users may register and create an account with ID and password but they must use real names and not aliases. Users are responsible for their ID and password. Do not share these with anyone and if you suspect someone has hacked your account please let us know.

Use of services and platform

We allow users to make use of the platform and the website for services contained therein subject to your acceptance of all terms of use and to do so in fair and responsible manner.

Third party links

Our website pages may contain third party links to which we are not affiliated. If you click through to such sites you will be bound by their terms of use for which we are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever.

Site modifications/closure

We keep our site updated and keep adding or deleting content and functionality. We reserve the right to give users access to our site and its functionalities and to terminate accounts if we deem it fit without assigning any reason.


If you have dispute or cause of complaint or action against the website, its owners and employees/directors/executors/assigns and successors then you may raise such claim within the statutory legal period beyond which such claims become null and void. Jurisdiction of courts at Delhi/India applies for any legal dispute and legal action. Should a third party raise a claim arising out of your use of our website then you agree to keep us fully indemnified against any and all such claims and consequences there from.


Site is offered as is without any warranty about correctness of content. Please verify on your own. You use site at your risk. We are not responsible for any transmission of virus and damage to your system or loss of data. We offer no warranties about site access and speed of access or delays or any other technical issues.

Liability limitation

We are not liable in any way whatsoever when you use or misuse this site or due to any errors of omission or commission on this site, viruses, site non-availability or any issues and no such claims will be entertained but in any case our liability is restricted to Rs. 1000 but never exceeding what you have paid us for our services offered on this site.

Changes to terms

We reserve right to change any of the foregoing terms at any time as may be necessary without any advance notification. If you continue to use the site you agree to such changed terms. Payment

We reserve right to collect payment from users for use of site and its services and we reserve right to change payment method and to change prices at will without advance notification. Payments are governed by specific user agreement.

  • We are not responsible for accuracy of data provided by user.
  • We are not responsible for user actions on our site and legal consequences therefrom.
  • Users must comply with all laws and use site in fair and responsible manner without infringing our rights or third party rights.
  • Users agree that the site and its owners are not responsible for any damage arising out of user actions directly or indirectly.

Site responsibilities, rights and warranties

We reserve right to terminate or suspend account of user if user engages in any suspicious activity without our having to assign any reason. Any user who commits breach of any of the terms or privacy policy or user agreements may have account suspended and face legal action. We reserve right to track and monitor user actions on the website to prevent fraud and ensure fair usage. Site and its owner have the sole right to grant license to use service or software at their discretion.

User responsibilities, rights

User must provide accurate and genuine information such as real name, real address and real email and telephone contact details.

  • Users cannot create more than one account.
  • Users may not use sight for any unlawful transactions
  • Users undertake to not infringe any rights of site owners and third parties or to violate any laws or to do anything that would adversely affect the site, its owners and other users as well as affiliates.
  • Users must maintain confidentiality of their user ID and password and have the right to modify password at any time or to delete account by sending us an email from their registered email address.
  • Users may submit content but grant unconditional license to site owners to make such use of the content as the site and its owners may deem fit.

Billing and refund

Billing and refunds are governed by our general terms and terms as may be specific to each client. Prepaid services are eligible for refunds only when such refund request is made well in advance and only when such services for which payment has been made have not been initiated or provided. User is liable for any processing and other charges in such case.


Disputes if any are subject to jurisdiction of courts of law at Delhi, India.

We reserve the right to amend, alter, modify or delete any of the terms without any notice.