Privacy Policy

Welcome to Trace Offers. Please read this privacy policy and terms elsewhere before proceeding with use. The privacy policy deals with how we handle your personal data. Please rest assured we take all appropriate measures to keep your personal data fully secured at all times.

How user information is collected and what we collect

Trace Offers collects personally identifiable information such as name, address, email and phone number in addition to ad identifier, IP address, pixel tags and geographic location data derived from IP address. In addition we maintain email logs, chat logs and other information gleaned from use of our website.

Information used for services

When you register you submit your personal data such as name, email, address and phone contact and bank/credit card/debit card information where financial transaction is concerned. We use this information for:

  • Communications and for newsletters to keep you updated and to send you offers
  • For transactions and payments
  • To resolve queries and complaints

We may share information with service providers and affiliates for transactions and to send you offers. You may unsubscribe from such offers at any time.

Cookies and browsing information

When you browse our site the site places cookies on your system. Cookies track your behavior on our website and collect details like IP address and pages you visited and the time you spent. Cookies help to deliver a more tailored experience according to your preferences. Cookies do not access any data on your computer. You may disable cookies in the browser but at the expense of reduced functionality. More information on cookies is available on our Cookies page.

WE may also use web beacons and other technical tools, local storage and local shared objects to store content information and preferences as well as to derive information on specific activities on our site.

Tracking system

We use Facebook social plug-ins from of California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304. This plug-in is identifiable by the facebook logo. If you open a page with the facebook social plug-in then a direct connection with Facebook server is established and Facebook transfers content to the browser and integrates content in the website. We have no control over how Facebook collects or manages data when you access our page on our website regardless of whether you are a Facebook user or not. The data and browser’s IP address is stored in Facebook servers. For all Facebook related terms and privacy policy please visit If you do not want Facebook to collect your data please logoff from Facebook. You may install third party browser plugins to block plugins and add-ons.

Google adwords

We use Google conversion tracking, a web analytics tool from Google Inc. When you open our website and navigate to pages you may view ads placed by Google Adwords program that also places a conversion cookie valid for 30 days. If you access our site and if the cookie is valid Google will then recognize it if you click the Ad. Cookies are different for each Adwords customer and so they cannot be tracked through sites of Adwords Customers. Data from conversion cookie is used to generate reports for Adwords customers who then know how many users clicked on the ad but they will not know who precisely clicked the Ad. You may choose to accept or refuse such conversion cookies but functionality may reduce. For further information please visit

We disclose personal data

We may disclose or share your personal data only when:

It is necessary to share it with owner of intellectual property of website and the software developer in order to carry out site related functions and to provide service to you.

We may share data with affiliates or our associated business companies in the course of providing service to you but they are bound by our terms of non-disclosure.

It is necessary to disclose data to authorities if required by law in which case you receive intimation from us.

Our site and our business may be taken over by another company or we may merge with another company or form partnership in which event rights on the personal data devolve on such changed ownership and the privacy policy may change but you consent to use of your data nonetheless.

Our employees have access to data but they are bound by terms of NDA.


All personal data is subject to highest levels of security covering physical, electronic and procedural methods to ensure confidentiality and safety. In case of financial data we use SSL encryption and we do not store such financial data but encrypt data during use. We keep our processes and technologies updated but cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality and protection as would happen if we are attacked by hackers or viruses and accept no responsibility or liability should such an event occur.

Third Party Links

Our site may contain ads and third party links to which we are not affiliated in any way. If you click through you will be bound by their terms and privacy policies and accept no liability for consequences.

Data storage

We store your personal data for as long as necessary in order to provide services. Other data not needed for services is stored for one year. Data may be stored for a longer period to protect third party interests. If you put in a request to close your account and wipe data we shall do so in which case all your data is removed from our servers.


We do not register users below 18 years of age nor do we collect data about minors and if we do so inadvertently we delete it immediately we come to know about it.

Rights, questions, complaints

Users have all rights to raise complaints and queries and to ask questions about personal data and billing information by sending us an email from their registered email address to our email address. You may restrict us from use of your data by sending in an official email to us.

We reserve the right to amend, alter, modify, delete or otherwise change any of the terms herein without any notice.